Technically Advanced Textiles

Technically Advanced Textiles Exhibition

Is a collective of textile specialists working, supporting and enabling each other to
replenish their knowledge, skills and abilities through creativity. Ultimately our aim was to discover new techniques and methods of working and gaining a deeper understanding of each other disciplines. This will increase our skill base for the benefit of the student body and alumni.

My work consited of creating classic pattern designs depicting flight & motion. This project began with nostalgically looking at children’s wallpaper.Though, it later developed into a visual study of flight & motion with an aim to resemble classic Damask and Paisley designs, without relying on floral motifs. Instead applying a fresh visual language using a broader range of elements.

The damask patterns were devised from historical and fictional sources found in popular culture. The flow of the Damask pattern materialises in an abstract sense, where the imagination follows the path of an object along its trajectory.

Paisley patterns can manifest from nature, primarily through observing the movement of large groups of animals during the constant battle between predator and prey.

Technically, this work focuses on accurate alignment and printing small detail on a variety surfaces. Only the successful outcomes are displayed but this project has produced some interesting results, which are available as a future reference for students.