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Welcome to my Axons.

This is mainly a portfolio site, focusing on my creative development to date. I have been working as a Digital Media Technician for the University of the Arts, supporting BA/MA Textiles courses, since 2001. My specialty has developed into problem solving and calculating repeats, teaching design techniques and digital fabric printing. I also teach a short course on weekends & evenings.

I'm originally from a Graphics background, and spent a few years working in industry for PSD Associates/Fitch as an Designer/Art-worker on projects such as the BT Logo, promotional work. I also freelanced on many other projects, which involved a combination of Illustration, Typography, Corporate Identity, Animated Logos, and Web sites.

I fell into teaching textiles, and have found it really satisfying; my graphic experience adds a fresh perspective to the textiles discipline. The most enjoyable aspect is when a student has that eureka moment.

Featured in Liazzes Faire London: August/September 2012 Issue:
Pages 8 - 13

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Why My Axons?

My name is very common and I wanted to find a URL that was short and easy to remember. Hence, I chose the name 'My axons'

An Axon is the link that delivers messages between Neurons... So the name 'myaxons' is a reference to my creative decision-making and makes a versatile and nondescript label.